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Daily update: Carbon price gone: Next target is wind and solar


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Carbon price gone, wind and solar next; Australia risks economic isolation from carbon repeal; Another REDP grant fails; LEDs will slash energy use for lighting by 95%; India village claims first 100% solar, storage micro-gridl; Building owners and tenants gain from environmental upgrades; Solar key to building better Australia; What does solar energy mean to Germany’s big utilities?; How often to wind turbines catch fire and does it matter?; Solar, wind account for over half new US generation in 2014; and Cali’s energy storage target swamped by proposals.
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The Parkinson Report
Coal generators are celebrating the repeal of the carbon price, and large scale renewables are at a standstill. The next item on the COALition agenda is wind and solar, but consumer groups are fighting back.
HSBC says carbon price repeal leaves Australia’s resource-intensive economy – and its farm exports – “even more vulnerable” as world moves in opposite direction.
Another project allocated funds under the former Labor government has missed its target, with Petratherm advising that it is unable to raise funds for what was once considered one of the country’s flagship geothermal projects.
LEDs will slash energy use for lighting by 95%, delivering huge savings to consumers but adding another ingredient to the death spiral for utilities.
Village in India decided it could not wait for grid connection, and built its own solar plus storage micro-grid. Another 80,000 villages need same.
A 15-storey, B-grade commercial office building in Sydney will reduce its energy use by 30% thanks to financing from the CEFC through an EUA.
Continued measures and support for solar power will help mitigate climate-related forces which leave energy supplies vulnerable to unpredictable disasters.
Renewable sector is flexing its muscles in Germany, with solar production up 28% and wind up 19% during the first half of 2014.
California has a very large energy storage market, at least on paper. Which projects will make the cut?
A new report tries to work out how big a problem wind turbines catching fire is, but there’s little data to work with.
More than half new US generation in first half came from renewables, mostly solar. There were no new coal or nuclear plants.
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