Daily update: Australia’s conservative politicians railing against renewables

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Daily update: Australia’s conservative politicians railing against renewables


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Bipartisan support for renewables? Not quite… Plus: New Caledonia marine park becomes world’s largest protected area, First Solar plans 5MW solar plant, Abbott could derail most basic climate goals says Fraser, report warns business will bypass ERF in first year, Solar’s anticipated surge in US, 10 eco issues you need to know about, US climate report warns of severed regional impacts, RET can go all the way to 100% if we let it.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
Support for renewable energy is supposed to be bipartisan. A look at the major policy makers in the conservative governments at federal and state level show this to be a myth.
New Caledonia legislates to protect marine area bigger than Alaska, top threats to which include ship traffic from expanded Queensland coal port.
First Solar says its first off-grid solar plant in Australia will be a 5MW array at an Australian mine to reduce diesel costs.
Bernie Fraser says Abbott government likely to stick with 5% emissions reduction target, but even this could be tough given ‘barren’ climate policy toolkit.
Report says Direct Action ERF will be implemented in July one way or another, but will be costly and ineffective at signing up business.
EIA analysis suggests solar will be fastest growing energy technology in US, although mix in 2040 depends on carbon, policies and costs.
There is reason to be alarmed at what has been happening to Australia’s natural environment since the Abbott government was elected. Here are 10 big issues.
The National Climate Assessment – a new report from the U.S. federal government makes clear that climate change is a present-day issue and a growing threat.
Getting to 100% renewable power sector by 2050 will require not just a practical plan, but

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