Daily update: Australian renewables target set for massive haircut

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Daily update: Australian renewables target set for massive haircut


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RET set for massive haircut, Oz solar seen at 23GW by 2030, Solar will do to utilities what Twitter did to media, Rooftop solar industry backs new standard for Australia, The evolution of an Australian manufacturer, Vestas “perplexed” by renewable policy debate in Australia, Wind energy delivers cost effective abatement in SA, Australia’s environment in peril, NYT gets it badly wrong on Germany’s energy transition, RET Road Trip #4.
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Consultant advising Abbott government review says amount of installed renewables could be slashed by nearly half and still be sold as a “20 per cent” target. But it would mean virtually no new wind or solar farms for at least the next 5 years.
BNEF says the “unstoppable” rooftop solar PV market will lift total solar capacity in Australia to 23GW by 2030, with the number of homes and businesses jumping five-fold to 5 million. In the large scale market, solar will quickly displace wind as most attractive renewable energy source.
It took 24 years from internet’s start for Twitter to arrive and kill media industry’s business model. Solar will do same to energy.
Australian Solar Council launches Positive Quality program, an industry-led effort to regulate the quality of PV panels installed on Australian rooftops.
Australian car parts manufacturer IXL opens new plant to build mounts and frames for solar farms, but unsure about policy future.
World’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer says Australia unique in region in discussion a potential roll back of renewable targets.
New study shows that wind energy in South Australia has cut emissions significantly, and has not caused a rise in prices.
The state of Australia’s environment is a real worry – and we have the report cards to prove it.
The New York Times’ article arguing Germany’s energy transition proves that the world needs nuclear required an astonishing level of ignorance to write.
Yes 2 Renewables’ 3rd instalment of their RET

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