Daily update: Another surprise demand drop may undermine renewables

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Daily update: Another surprise demand drop may undermine renewables


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Another surprise demand drop may undermine renewables, Labor regains climate mojo as Abbott slams door on the world, Qld says CO2 cuts should wait until society is richer, CEFC funds switch to 70& cheaper street lights for Vic city, Mixed Greens, Australia’s solar market state by state, Graph of the Day, Charge your phone with your clothes, How utilities can cope with solar and battery storage, and could the climate from Game of Thrones happen on Earth?
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The Parkinson Report
Australia’s Electricity Market Operator has been caught offside again, conceding that recent energy demand had fallen 3.1% below even is most recent revised forecasts. This could spell trouble for renewables in the current RET review.
Abbott trampling of climate policy across the international stage is proving an irresistible target for Labor. So has it regained its climate mojo?
A rich state in one of the world’s richest economies says CO2 cuts should be deferred until its residents are even wealthier.
Warrnambool is set to replace around 2,000 standard street lamps with LEDs, as part of a CEFC-backed move to slash street lighting costs by almost 70%.
ERF forecast to achieve 28% of Oz emissions challenge; CSIRO water tech tested at mine; ARENA-backed wave power project in rough waters; Yingli solar kick.
New data shows growth of rooftop solar in each state over last 12 months. Queensland leads and commercial installation is taking hold.
BNEF report predicts global green bond market will hit $40bn in 2014, with the current total issued in 2014 already nudging $20bn.
What if you could leave home knowing that your phone would not run out of battery before you return by producing and storage energy on ourselves?
To cope with solar and storage, utilities need to address issues of stranded asset risk, poor  customer relationships, and embrace new business models.
HBO show Game of Thrones, features summers that can last for seven years and winters that span a generation. Could this type of climate

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