Cuban food solution has Australian roots

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Perez noted that Jude Fanton, founder of Seed Savers, had worked closely with him on permaculture and organic farm projects in Cuba. She held a lunch for Roberto and his touring companions in Byron Bay, last Wednesday. Long term co-host of BayFM’s top-rating show, The Generator, Wayne Wadsworth, was a member of the original Dream Team, installing solar panels and permaculture-based market gardens in Havana when the USSR collapsed, taking the Cuban economy with it. “Wayne introduced some of these principles into Havana,” he told The Generator.

Robyn Francis, of Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin, organised Roberto’s tour of Australia which now moves to the southern capitals. She will tour Cuba later this year, as part of an exchange program.

Video and sound files of the interview are available from the Mullum Action Group’s website,

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