Costello bans ethical boycotts

To quote David Marr:

No price is too high to pay to protect the Aussie woolgrower. With marked contempt for the effect it would have on freewheeling public debate, Peter Costello has introduced a little bill to clobber campaigners against the bloody business of mulesing sheep. But not only them: his strategy will snare anyone calling for customer boycotts.

So if you’re asking Australians not to buy lipstick tested on caged rabbits, rugs woven by Pakistani slaves or suits made with mulesed wool, then pray your boycott calls don’t succeed, for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is about to be given the power to sue you out of the water if they do.

I am sure the vegetarians amongst us here would find this situation unacceptable.

What are some less problematical alternatives to protect legitimate industry interests but also protect the rights of those who wish to speak up on behalf on animals when unnecessary suffering is taking place for the sake of profits?

Source: Ethics forum ; Photograph: Steve Ferrier

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