Corporate feudalism fuels Greek turmoil

Sierra Club frack map

The Sierra Club develops technology to empower locals against corporate feudalism

Greece is in turmoil again after the parliament narrowly passed legislation moving the ownership of all public utilities to the nation’s creditors. Unions and advocates of social democracy have protested the move with support of global activists against corporate feudalism.

In separate news, US based activist group the Sierra Club has developed a tool that shows Americans which foreign corporations are profiting from fossil fuels mined in their locality.

One more country to be sold off to big business

Greece approves plan to transfer state utilities to new asset fund

State assets, including water and electricity utilities, are to be transferred to a new asset fund created by international creditors. The plans have sparked demonstrations and public sector strikes across the country.


TTP & TTIP: Map Shows How Trade Deals Would Enable ‘Polluter Power-Grab’

The environmental organization plotted out the coast-to-coast potential threats on a new interactive map. It captures over 400 fossil fuel projects, and “for the first time … gives people a chance to see if toxic trade is in their own backyard. How do the deals enable such a power grab? By way of a corporate-friendly provision included in many trade deals.”

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