Combat Wombat powers tunes with sunshine

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Cool setup: "I’ve already recorded two tracks for my upcoming solo album in here. It’s just great to know that it’s actually a reality, I am now recording in my solar-powered studio for my next project. It’s so cool to see it all falling into place."

Sustainable studio: Built with recycled materials – second-hand basketball court flooring, recycled sound-deadening boards and rock-wool insulation – the studio set-up isn’ just an example of quaint DIY, but a functional carbon-neutral unit. According to Peckham – who along with his band mates had previously built an ad hoc solar-powered sound system and wind-powered cinema, mounted to their self-converted vegetable oil-powered van – the studio can, in favourable conditions, operate for eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week.

The Age, 6/7/2007

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