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Producer/Director of Blowin’ in the Wind and five times AFI winner, David Bradbury’s latest contribution A HARD RAIN explores the ‘other side’ of the nuclear debate.

      Traversing five countries – China, France, UK, Japan and Australia, and using what Bradbury learnt from his previous three nuclear documentaries (Public Enemy Number One, Jabiluka and Blowin’ in the Wind) – A Hard Rain takes a closer look at the global nuclear industry in its entirety, from the mining of uranium through to the nuclear power plant to the radioactive waste and weapons manufacturing.  It exposes the hidden agendas behind this latest push for Australia to go nuclear.

      By looking at the experience of countries overseas that have gone nuclear, A Hard Rain debunks some of the myths of the nuclear industry: that nuclear is safe, cheap, healthy and green with little chance of another Chernobyl happening.

      If you want vital and factual information to debate the issue intelligently and overthrow the myths that the nuclear and pro uranium mining lobby has so successfully implanted in the media, in the government and the Labor Party, then this film is a must see.

   Yes, this is a documentary that HAD TO BE MADE!

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