Climate change deal likely to succeed

Climate change deal likely to succeed   2014-06-29 02:51:04            

NAIROBI, June 28 (Xinhua) — Chances are high that countries are likely to reach an agreement on climate change by the end of 2015, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said in Nairobi on Saturday.

“As climate change causes temperatures to rise and precipitation patterns to change, more weather extremes will potentially reduce global food production at a time when the population will continue growing in developing countries,” Ban said.

The Secretary General who ended his visit to Kenya during which he closed the inaugural UN Environmental Assembly said climate change is a major problem in Africa, adding that other continents where almost over 80 percent of smallholder farmers own less than two hectares of land and this land will not be able to feed them amicably.

“The world leaders must make a radical decision to help improve lives of majority of populations that have tried to adapt to these changing conditions in order to feed this growing population in vain,” he added.

He called for the preservation of ecosystem and wildlife as a potential to development, adding that the United Nations and the Kenya government are working jointly to ensure that illegal poaching and trade in wildlife products is reduced to zero.

Ban said that the 1.4 billion people who are currently living without electricity in their homes can be served better with the development of renewal energy sub sector.

“Kenya is currently the world leading renewal energy supplier and the world governments must copy this to help supply their population as well,” he said.

Ban also expressed concern over the escalating acts of terrorism in the western and East African region.

He called for the solidarity of all nations in the world to help tame the emerging trend of terrorism

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