Climate change ‘apocalyptic hysteria’


What Opposition leader Kevin Rudd proposes would do far more economic damage, sow far worse social chaos and directly hurt individual Australians more than the damage, we are still suffering from the disastrous Whitlam period in the 1970s, he said.

ALP for 60pc reduction by 2050: On 28 March 2007, Rudd restated that Labor would sign the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions; and that its policy was to target a 60 per cent reduction in Australia’s emissions by 2050.

90pc reduction in emissions for each person: But let me give him one number: A target to cut total emissions by 60 per cent would mean something like a 90 per cent reduction in emissions for each person or unit of economic output. Could you really cut petrol use by 90 per cent? Electricity? And then essentially 90 per cent of everything else?

The Courier Mail, 29/3/2007, p.70

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