Car reversing device a ‘lifesaver’

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Some larger 4 wheel drive vehicles are being fitted with mirrors enabling drivers to see what is at the rear of the vehicle.


Car reversing device a ‘lifesaver’


NEW technology that overrides the driver of a reversing car and automatically brakes when it recognises objects too close could prevent children being injured or killed.

Vehicle deaths are the second biggest accidental killer of Australian children after pool drownings, with eight children killed and hundreds more injured each year.

World-class braking device Reverse Alert comes just two months after The Daily Telegraph’s Check, See, Turn The Key campaign was launched. Surveillance Guard director Glenn Gaudet, who developed the Reverse Alert, said the device would save lives.

“It works when ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper bar detect small and large objects behind the reversing vehicle,” Mr Gaudet said.

“Immediately the sensors send a message to a motherboard, which then activates a solenoid which hits the brakes, in a split second.”

Sensors start reading the situation at 2m and trigger the brakes at 1.6.

“That is more than enough room to safely avoid hitting whatever is behind you especially if it’s a child,” he said.


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