Canberrans reject recycled water


No clear deleterious effects from recycled water: The report found those concerns were not in keeping with international research and experiences. "Despite more than 40 years experience, no clear deleterious health effects from purified recycled water schemes have yet been observed," the report said. But the ANTs director of infectious diseases, Professor Peter Collignon, kept up his opposition to the project.

Weighing up risks: He said the report acknowledged that more research needed to be conducted in the field. "These reports still don’t give us steadfast assurances that health risks will be contained in the future," he said. "So any water-recycling option will inherently carry a risk. If we were in West Africa and there were no other options, then I would say that risk is acceptable.” "But I want to see what other options the Government has before we go ahead with this."

The Canberra Times, 20/7/2007, p. 1

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