Canberra Airport and VFT to Sydney

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Dont hold your breath with this one. O’Farrell’s glasses are faulty.

Canberra Airport and VFT to Sydney

Canberra airport pledges high-speed rail plan if the federal and NSW governments go ahead with the project

CANBERRA Airport has pledged to build a $140 million high speed rail facility adjacent to the new airport terminal if the federal and NSW governments go ahead with the multi-billion dollar project.

The airport, which has long been an advocate of a high speed rail link between Sydney and Canberra, will today unveil plans for the facility amid the ongoing stalemate over where to build Sydney’s second airport.

Canberra Airport Managing Director Stephen Byron said previous reports had shown that with high speed rail passengers could travel from Canberra to Sydney in 57 minutes.

“Passengers will be able to transfer from arriving aircraft to their train in under five minutes without baggage and be in Sydney in less than an hour,” Mr Byron said.

He said Canberra Airport was today presenting plans for “a superb, multi-modal, transport facility to underline the high speed rail’s integration into Canberra Airport, in accordance with (NSW) Premier O’Farrell’s vision”.

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