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Calling all health professionals


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2:27 AM (6 hours ago)

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Dear Neville,

Today in the Guardian, a group of senior health professionals – along with other doctors, nurses and academics – are asking the Wellcome Trust to divest from fossil fuels. Among them are the editors of the leading medical journals, the BMJ and the Lancet.

“Health organisations such as the Wellcome Trust have considerable moral and scientific authority, and a decision to divest has the potential to influence policy-makers, other investors and the public, in the UK and internationally.”

Do you belong to the health community? If so, the signatories to the letter are inviting you to join them and sign the letter too. Whether you’re a psychologist, community health worker, academic, student, retired GP, dentist or midwife, you can add your name to their letter here.

Your voice has authority too and will hold weight with the Wellcome Trust. If you don’t want to sign the letter but you are a health professional concerned about climate change, simply tell us why and if you give permission we will publish a selection of your responses on our site.

Also today, we launched our fifth carbon bomb – vast fossil fuel reserves, which, if burned, will take us well along the road to catastrophic climate change. This time it comes from the coast of Rio de Janeiro, where nine years ago billions of barrels worth of oil was discovered. Many hoped it would bring Brazil prosperity, but today their biggest energy company Petrobras is facing up to severe debt, scandal and the threat of a second Deepwater Horizon.

Thank you for your support, as ever,

Emma Howard, Keep it in the Ground

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