Bus crash delays Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s G20 meeting in Mexico

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Gillard strutting the world stage!!! Does she really believe other nations will take any notice, when she has has her own country and Govt. in such a mess?


Bus crash delays Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s G20 meeting in Mexico


Mexican soldiers patrol nearby the International Press Centre in Los Cabos on the eve of the G20 summit. Source: AFP

JULIA Gillard’s arrival into Los Cabos for a meeting of the G20 was delayed this morning after a police bus careered off a highway leading to the summit, plunging into a ravine.

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It is believed up to 30 Mexican police, assigned to secure the luxurious resort town for the meeting of world leaders, were aboard the bus when it crashed.

Authorities could not confirm if or how many had died or were injured.
The PM’s motorcade was delayed as traffic chaos blocked the heavily secured routes into the centre.

When the PM arrived at her hotel she held a brief press conference in which she said she be urging her world counterparts to take urgent action on the European economic crisis.

But already a letter written by the PM and Treasurer Wayne Swan warning G20 members to act against the risk of a new global economic crisis, had become a “talking point”.

In the letter, which some have taken as Australia “lecturing” the world on economic management, the PM urged Europe to engage in the reforms that had served Australia well.

When asked why she felt the need to write to world leaders ahead of the summit, the PM said she wanted Australia’s voice heard.
“We believed it was important to take all steps to make Australia’s views known,” the PM said.

“My understanding from the senior officials leader discussions, the letters have become a talking point.”

The PM said she would be seeking commitments from other countries on action plans for jobs and growth around the world.

But specifically she would be speaking European leaders to urge action on greater banking and fiscal integration across the Euorozone, banking bail-outs to prevent Europe dragging the rest of the world into recession.

“What happens in Europe does matter to the economies of the world,” the PM said.

“Our major trading partners in our region export to Europe, so what matters in Europe matters to them and, therefore matters to Australians.

“Here at the G20 I will be urging my European counterparts to take urgent action on the issues in Europe.”

The PM wouldnt comment on exit polls from the Greek elections, or on polls published in today’s News Limited daily newspapers, which showed most voters believed her Government was worse than that led by the man she deposed, Kevin Rudd.

The world leaders meeting will begin tomorrow. This afternoon Ms Gillard will address a meeting of international business leaders.

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