Breathing Dangerous Coal Dust

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Breathing Dangerous Coal Dust


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Lock the Gate Alliance
Dear Neville,

Over the weekend, Lock the Gate exposed the terrible cruelty of a key NSW mining policy and how it was made to benefit coal companies, at the expense of people’s health.

Freedom of information documents we obtained reveal that eleventh hour changes were made to a vital mining policy in late 2014 after lobbying by the coal industry, forcing landholders to live with severe noise and dust impacts from coal mines, with no way out.

Can you call the Premier now and call on him to act to protect people at risk?
Peter Brown and his sick wife live near Muswellbrook. They breathe the dangerous air pollution from three coal mines, but can’t get anyone to buy their property so they can move away.

Even more alarmingly, as the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Monday, the Premier’s diary reveals he met with the NSW Minerals Council, and the representatives of thirteen coal companies, including Shenhua, shortly before last minute changes were made that fatally weakened the policy.

As the documents were released, we delivered a letter signed by 7,000 people to Mr Baird’s electorate office, calling on the Premier to listen to affected communities, and to take action to stop more damage to farmland, rivers, and rural communities.

So much damage has already been done. The Premier has to end the inside running for the mining industry and fix the mess that’s been made.

Can you give him a call and lend your voice to the cause?

Thanks so much for your support,

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