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BP vs baby whales


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BP wants to drill for oil in the middle of a whale breeding sanctuary! In order to start drilling in the Great Australian Bight, BP needs approval from an obscure Australian regulator NOPSEMA in 72 hours. Let’s overwhelm their Perth office with our call. Sign now:

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Dear friends across Australia,

In 72 hours, the company responsible for the largest marine oil spill in history could receive the green light to drill in one our largest whale breeding sanctuaries — but we can stop it.

Almost hunted to extinction, southern right whales are now making a comeback, raising their young in the Great Australian Bight. But now, obscure regulator NOPSEMA is considering granting a drilling permit to oil giant BP in those protected waters!

Experts say that any spill in the region could spread oil for thousands of kilometres across the southern coast, and endanger hundreds of whales.

But if enough of us act now, we can make this project as toxic for our government as it is for our oceans, and ensure this crucial decision for the future of our seas and marine life is not taken by an undemocratic and unaccountable body. Sign now to save the whales, and tell everyone:


Deepwater Horizon was an environmental calamity, but it was relatively close to the oil industry HQ in Houston. Incredibly, if there was a spill in the Great Australian Bight, the clean up equipment would still have to be transported from there or Singapore. Either way, this would be time that the marine wildlife and fishing industry simply couldn’t afford.

This mega oil field is touted as one of the largest untapped oil fields remaining on earth, if it is drilled according to plan it will accelerate the world’s course to run away climate change.

Independent oil spill modeling commissioned by The Wilderness Society shows the possible decimation of tourist hotspots like Kangaroo Island and Tasmania — there are even scenarios where Melbourne is affected! The Great Australian Bight is a critical blue and southern right whale migration zone and much of the area is a whale sanctuary, protecting the whale’s breeding grounds.

BP didn’t release the oil spill modeling required to assess the true risks of this process. So at even the first stages of this project, it’s obvious environmental concerns and community consultations are not their priority. Act now to ensure NOPSEMA send BP back to the drawing board.  


Avaaz members have played a pivotal role in stopping climate ticking time bombs like Keystone XL and mega coal mines risking the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Each is critical to give us a chance of stopping catastrophic climate change — now is the time to unleash the power of Avaaz in Australia to stop this mega oil drilling project from going ahead. Let’s be fearless.

With hope and determination,

Emily, David, Alex, Dalia, Mais and the whole Avaaz team


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