Anchoring Wealth to Sustain Cities and Population Growth


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Anchoring Wealth to Sustain Cities and Population Growth
Population growth will otherwise reinforce the unstable and unsustainable cities we now have, which serve as major drivers of global warming. Regional planning can result in positive outcomes—for example, retooling the automobile industry to manufacture 
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Pangasinan town exec ‘unhappy’ over low population growth
DAGUPAN CITY—Despite posting the lowest average annual population growth rate in the Ilocos region, the population officer of Burgos, a fourth class town (with annual income of P25-P35 million) in western Pangasinan, is not happy about it.
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Growth in Elk City stems from new oil boom
The rapid population growth quickly filled the available housing, driving up rent and property values. “The RV parks are full,” Elk City Economic Development Director Shane Frye said. “The temporary housing outside the city is full. We have trailer parks 
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City notes growth of registered vehicles and sees need for … rail
Austin American-Statesman
Even if the number of cars merely tracked the population growth, that would be something like 175000 more cars and trucks buzzing around greater Austin than were here in 2002. That’s where my restaurant example comes in. The city’s response to this 
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Iran Urges Baby Boom With Population Aging
Huffington Post
After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, families were strongly encouraged to contribute to a baby boom demanded by leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who wanted fast population growth to contribute to a “20 million member army” in support of the ruling 
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Huge Increase in Illegal Israeli Settlers in the West Bank
International Middle East Media Center
Most of this increase has occurred outside of the large settlement blocs, which have maintained population stability. Ariel has about 50000 settlers, Ma’aleh Adumim has about 45000 and Gush Etzion about 22000. The total population living in these large 
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International Middle East Media Center
‘Rampant urbanisation resulting in negative growth
Hindustan Times
Therefore, the ‘upper population limit’ for new and growing towns should be only 2 million, so that there is some space for future growth too. In Gurgaon, we are heading to a new direction as far as population is concerned. We are planning a future for 3 million 
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Rate of population decrease in Iran is faster than other countries: Official
The rate of population decrease in Iran is faster than other countries, an official at the organization for civil registration says. The rapid decline in population growth has prompted a study of the issue in parliamentary committees, Ali Akbar Mahzoon said.
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Iran, with eye on long-term economy, urges baby boom
The Seattle Times
In 1986, toward the end of the eight-year war with Iraq, census figures show the population’s growth rate reached 3.9 percent — among the highest in the world at the time and in line with Persian traditions that favor big families. But the leadership just as 
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