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17 July, 2015 General news0
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An historic deal for all the wrong reasons


Michael O’Connor

2:55 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Dear Inga,
Today the Senate Inquiry into our temporary work visa system is in Canberra.We’ve just heard about the 16 overseas workers housed in a four-bedroom house, each having to pay $225 a week. We also heard about Amy Chang, the whisteblower who worked at the meatworks in Wagga Wagga and was sacked for standing up for her fellow exploited visa workers. The meatworkers union also tell us that up to 50% of the time, holiday visa workers who are easier to exploit are given work over locals who are overlooked.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the China Free Trade Agreement coming into effect, this exploitation and sidelining of local workers will only increase. In his rush to get the agreement signed, Tony Abbott has been out negotiated by the Chinese.

Tell your MP not to sign the China Free Trade deal.

The China Free Trade Agreement will allow Chinese companies to bring in their own workforces without having to advertise locally first. It will also stop mandatory skills assessment tests for these workers in jobs including cabinet makers, carpenters, and joiners.

This will impact negatively on safety and on local jobs.

Please tell your MP not to sign the China Free Trade deal.

Together we can stand up for local jobs and speak out against exploitation.

In unity

Michael O’Connor
CFMEU National Secretary

P.S. In a deal historic for all the wrong reasons, allowing semi-skilled workers on 457 visas for the first time who won’t even need to pass the normal English language requirements will be bad for safety and bad for all workers. Make sure you tell your local MP not to sign the China Free Trade deal.

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