Al Gore back in Australia in September


ACF Executive Director Don Henry said: “Climate change is the biggest crisis we face. Australians want to find out what they can do and what we as a nation should be doing. This new training session by Al Gore will inform and inspire many more people to take action.”

One of the Climate Project volunteer presenters and general manager of MECU Limited Rowan Dowland said: “Being a climate change presenter has changed my life. I feel I am part of the solution and not the problem. People are surprised to learn they can help stop dangerous climate change and that those solutions can represent such significant opportunity for business.”

To date, the 84 presenters from the inaugural The Climate Project – Australia training session have presented 693 presentations to at least 40,000 people.

Once trained, presenters agree to deliver their version of Al Gore’s now famous slide show presentation 10 times over the period of one year.

The Climate Project originated in Mr Gore’s home town of Nashville, Tennessee, where he has trained 1,000 presenters. In April, 2007 Mr Gore trained 170 people in the UK to deliver his presentation on global warming.

The only way to make an application for the September 2007 Melbourne training session of The Climate Project – Australia is online. Apply at . Applications will close 13 July 2007.

The training session will be carbon neutral.

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