Addressing population growth for a sustainable future

Addressing population growth for a sustainable future
By implementing policies that defend human rights, promote education, and reflect the true economic and environmental costs of childbearing, the world can halt population short of the 9 billion that so many analysts expect.
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Damascus considers partial withdrawal from urban growth boundary
In light of new a recent Metro population forecast that predicts the city’s 2035population at about 30000 — about 8000 fewer than previously estimated — the Damascus City Council has begun to consider asking to remove a large eastern portion of the 
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Population numbers up for Naperville, but still not at 2008 level
Naperville Sun
“Currently there are about 10000 condominiums and apartment units combined in the city, and the occupancy rate of about 92 percent has increased now to 95 percent which could explain thepopulation growth,” Ryan said. “About 2 percent of the homes 
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Yasuchika Hasegawa Discusses The Developed World’s Biggest Problem (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
Population growth is plateauing, but, at the same time, aging is progressing,” Hasegawa told the forum. “If you look back at many developed countries’ economic growth, when the economy was rapidly growing the population was growing as well. So this 
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While the government credits the one-child policy with aiding economic growth
Enacted in the 1980s, the “one-child policy” has successfully suppressed population growth by up to 400 million in China, according to government estimates, while sharply restricting the right of parents to grow their families. In a rare public display 
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‘Financial timebomb’ created by ageing population means decades of austerity 
Daily Mail
Its report said the extra measures – the equivalent to a 15p increase in the basic rate of income tax – must be implemented to meet the soaring cost of healthcare and pensions over the next 50 years as people live longer. Austerity: The Office of 
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Daily Mail
China’s one-child policy
Khaleej Times
WHEN DENG Xiaoping, China’s great reformer, introduced the ‘one-child policy’ in 1979, it was proclaimed as a revolutionary measure to curb runaway population growth in the middle kingdom.
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Catching up with Suzanne York, Citizen Blogger for
The Bay Citizen (blog)
We explore the links among population growth, women’s rights, access to family planning, education, social justice and environmental challenges, including urban sprawl, water rights, climate change and energy consumption. This involves maintaining a 
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LNG demand to grow by 60pc through 2040
Peninsula On-line
However, slow population growth in China and many OECD countries coupled with gains in energy efficiency, will further the significant slowdown in energy demand growth that has been under way for decades. For instance, the Company sees global energy 
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Growing population threatens Baguio
Barangays with huge industries, tourism zones, and schools also posted the highest growth rates with all barangays also posting population growth in the 2010 census according to the NSO. Among the ten most populated barangays are Irisan (28357 
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