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Abbott’s cutting pensions


Jenny Macklin via 

5:08 PM (48 minutes ago)

to me

If Tony Abbott gets his way, the indexation of the pension will be slashed and Australia will have the highest retirement age in the world.

Tony Abbott’s cuts risk pushing millions of pensioners into poverty.

According to the Australian Council of Social Services, Tony Abbott’s changes to indexation alone will mean pensioners will be as much as $80 a week worse off within ten years.

We need to make it clear to Tony Abbott and the Liberals that we won’t stand by while they launch a full scale attack on pensions.

Can you sign our petition and tell Tony Abbott don’t pocket our pension? 

Tony Abbott promised before the election “no changes to pensions” – the facts show that this is just not true.

At the same time, Tony Abbott is imposing new taxes on fuel and medicine that will drive up the cost of living for Australian pensioners.

It’s just not good enough. You and I need to make it clear to the Government – Australians won’t take these unfair cuts lying down. 

Sign our petition today and add your name to the list of Australians standing up for pensioners.

We know when we stand together that we can make a difference and that means every single signature counts. Join me and add yours today.

Thanks for your support,

Jenny Macklin
Shadow Minister for Families and Payments

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