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A new chapter for renewables


Ben Oquist <mail@tai.org.au>

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The Australia Institute

Dear Neville —
I’m getting in contact to let you know about some great news. Beginning today, The Australia Institute, in a new partnership with engineering consultants Pitt & Sherry, will now be publishing the highly regarded Carbon Emissions Index (CEDEX) report.

The CEDEX is the benchmark indicator for Australia’s carbon emissions and an up to date snapshot of vital data from the energy sector.

And now, for the first time, the new CEDEX report will produce accurate figures for total renewable energy produced in Australia, including all wind and solar.

This month’s report shows that there has been a big increase in electricity demand in Queensland due to the controversial opening of gas export facilities in the state. As you know, The Australia Institute has released a range of research relating to gas expansion plans and the effects they will have on our electricity, emissions and gas prices.

This report is a keenly sought after resource for industry and policy makers. The data from the CEDEX was also a crucial indicator which showed what a success Australia’s two years of carbon pricing was.


Including solar into CEDEX comes at an exciting time and a turning point in how electricity is produced and consumed. There has been a rapid fall in the price of solar and battery storage, and there is an expectation that prices will continue to fall as the technology is massed produced and rolled out to consumers. Accurate and up to date data will track this energy transformation and help policy makers better understand the energy system and bring it into the 21st century.

The Australia Institute has put the economic case of protecting the Renewable Energy Target in many reports, over many years. Earlier this year we hosted an industry roundtable to put the case for a higher 2030 target, a policy now adopted by the Labor opposition. Watch this space as The Australia Institute continues to be at the centre of the discussion on solar and storage as well as other renewable energy policy. For a discussion on the potential for storage to revolutionise the energy system listen to Simon Hackett and Fran Kelly on RN breakfast.

This month’s new CEDEX is Now available online here

Ben Oquist – Executive Director, & The Australia Institute Team

PS. The Australia Institute’s research has long shown that the retention of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and ARENA makes policy sense. Our research and arguments were central to the cross bench plan which kept them intact. Now, the new Turnbull Government is on the verge of overturning the Abbott policy to destroy these agencies. And congratulations to all those others who worked hard for the same result.

Finally, looking forward, what an opportunity there now is for the Turnbull government to, in the spirit of bipartisanship, agree to match or beat Labor’s 50% renewable energy plan. Watch out for more critical Australia Institute research on this soon.

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