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The twentieth century way of life has been made available, largely due to the miracle of cheap energy. The price of energy has been at record lows for the past century and a half.As oil becomes increasingly scarce, it is becoming obvious to everyone, that the rapid economic and industrial growth we have enjoyed for that time is not sustainable.Now, the hunt is on. For renewable sources of energy, for alternative sources of energy, for a way of life that is less dependent on cheap energy. 

Professor Ross Garnaut

Huge increase in Australian renewable energy this year

Geoff Ebbs /27 February, 2017

Australia has the opportunity to be a renewable energy superpower, Professor Ross Garnaut said last week. “Nowhere else in the developed world are wind and solar so abundant,” he told and Energy Conference in South Australia. Separately, the renewable energy economic newspaper, RenewEconomy, predicted that the renewable energy market will explode during 2017 with the Continue Reading →