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The twentieth century way of life has been made available, largely due to the miracle of cheap energy. The price of energy has been at record lows for the past century and a half.As oil becomes increasingly scarce, it is becoming obvious to everyone, that the rapid economic and industrial growth we have enjoyed for that time is not sustainable.Now, the hunt is on. For renewable sources of energy, for alternative sources of energy, for a way of life that is less dependent on cheap energy. 

90MW Greenpower for Vic desalination

admin /29 July, 2007

The Victorian desalination plant would be carbon-neutral, said Kaye Darveniza, State Labor member for Northern Victoria, (18/7/007), and renewable energy will be purchased run the Victorian water desalination plant.

Carbon-neutral plant: "The desalination plant, which will be in the Wonthaggi area, will cost some $3.1 billion and will be in operation by 2011. This will be one of the largest desalination plants in the world. Sufficient renewable energy will be purchased to offset the anticipated needs – some 90 megawatts of electricity. This plant will be carbon neutral, which is very significant when you think about the fact that we are in climate change and we need to take the amount of greenhouse gases and energy that we are using into consideration with any of the infrastructure projects we are putting in place.

Combat Wombat powers tunes with sunshine

admin /22 July, 2007

Marc Peckham’s shipping container and 1975 horse float are the working parts of one of Australia’s only completely solar and windpowered recording studios, reported The Age (6/7/2007).

Solar power fuels Combat Wombat rapper: To say that the 34-year-old former geologist – better known as Monkey Marc of Melburnian activist hip-hop crew Combat Wombat – is proud of his latest do-it-yourself creation was something of an understatement. "It just works, you know," he announced proudly. "I’ve just had three or four weeks where I was just writing heaps of music in here, all on solar, all working fine. It pumps along.”

Overfishing shuts down power stations

admin /15 July, 2007

Scientists believed depleted fish stocks have removed competition for jellyfish, allowing them to breed to plague proportions, reported The Courier Mail (18/6/2007, p.13). Plagues of stingers: Jellyfish blooms, where the creatures multiply rapidly into untold millions: • clog water intakes on ships and power stations; • ruin fishing nets; and • can wreck engines. Dr Continue Reading →

NSW challenges Liberals call for nuclear power

admin /1 July, 2007

NSW Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water, Philip Koperberg, challenged the State Opposition to renounce the Prime Minister’s plans for nuclear power during a speech to the NSW Parliament on 5 June 2007.

NSW Libs told to clarify nuke position: Koperberg said: "We are happy to provide the Leader of the Opposition with the opportunity to put his views on the public record in this House. We certainly eagerly await his response. This issue is of critical importance following the Prime Minister’s recent decisions and comments. Anyone who saw television news footage on Sunday night of the Leader of the Opposition applauding the Prime Minister is entitled to know whether his applause translates into support for this policy. Today is the chance for the Leader of the Opposition to disavow the people of New South Wales of any notion that the pictures of him clapping should be read as wholehearted support for nuclear power plants in New South Wales".