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Long-term threat to Moreton Bay

Geoff Ebbs /27 May, 2021

The RAMSAR listed wetlands of Moreton Bay are under threat from more developments than the proposed 3,600 home development at Toondah Harbour, according to media platform eFlux. Already approved developments include the $1billion 65,000 home Pacific-City at Norwell Valley and a new freeway, linking that city to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. So far there Continue Reading →

SARS-CoV-2 as our crystal ball

Geoff Ebbs /26 March, 2020

The CoViD 19 pandemic is a window into the future and the way that we individually and communally respond is the template that we will carry forward to deal with the next challenge and the next challenge and the one after that as the global systems that support our unsustainable lifestyle fail in the face of increasingly complex challenges

Giovanni nailed recycling failure

Geoff Ebbs /17 December, 2018

When Ipswich Council in Queensland stopped its recycling program early in 2018 because China stopped accepting our rubbish many citizens began to wake up to the reality that much of our recycling is just rubbish anyway. That was the title of a much republished article by Giovanni Ebono in the 2007 book Sydney’s Guide to Continue Reading →

Greenpeace artwork in the Philippines

Pollution kills 20 million people

Geoff Ebbs /25 February, 2018

Life expectancy is falling in the US as the impact of pollutants on cancer in children, and untreatable diseases spread from industrially farrmed food into the population. As the impact of pollutants on childhood health is better understood experts warn that cancers, asthma and obesity have become normal characteristics of the population. Pollution is directly Continue Reading →

Hawkenn promotes Drawdown

Old white man praises women

Geoff Ebbs /16 February, 2018

Touring Australia to promote his project and book Drawdown, Paul Hawken told audiences in Brisbane on Thursday and Byron Bay on Friday that overwhelmingly, women are the solution to climate change. Hawken edited the 100 solutions presented in the book. Each solution selected for publication was modelled by the team of scientists that form the Continue Reading →