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The atmosphere is to the earth as a layer of varnish is to a desktop globe. It is thin, fragile and essential for preserving the items on the surface.150 years of burning fossil fuel have overloaded the atmosphere to the point where the earth is ill. It now has a fever. Read the detailed article, Soothing Gaia’s Fever for an evocative account of that analogy. The items listed here detail progress on coordinating 6.5 billion people in the most critical project undertaken by humanity. 

The polar vortex is the atmospheric equivalent of the gulf stream

Warming poles drive wild weather

Geoff Ebbs /6 March, 2018

The “Beast from the East” that froze Europe last week is actually closer to the Game of Thrones Winter crossing The Wall. The Wall is a jet-stream driven by the temperature difference between the poles and continental Eurasia and North America. As the Arctic warms dramatically that differential disappears and the arctic airmass leaks south. Continue Reading →

Hawkenn promotes Drawdown

Old white man praises women

Geoff Ebbs /16 February, 2018

Touring Australia to promote his project and book Drawdown, Paul Hawken told audiences in Brisbane on Thursday and Byron Bay on Friday that overwhelmingly, women are the solution to climate change. Hawken edited the 100 solutions presented in the book. Each solution selected for publication was modelled by the team of scientists that form the Continue Reading →