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Front Yard Food – [register]The Generator is proud to announce the Front Yard Food initiative. This initiative was launched in Lennox Heads by a number of landscapers, nursery’s and garden suppliers to provide materials to help people build food gardens that the community can share. Our first project was constructed by volunteers on Friday August 1, in Lennox Heads on NSW north coast. Click the picture to see more about that project.To contact us about action you may want to take in your community. Please contact Team Generator .

Guerrilla gardeners get organised

admin /9 June, 2008

From the LA Times 

Guerrilla gardeners take root
 Guerrilla gardeners take root
 How to make seed bombs
 How to make seed bombs

BRIMMING with lime-hued succulents and a lush collection of agaves, one shooting spiky leaves 10 feet into the air, it’s a head-turning garden smack in the middle of Long Beach’s asphalt jungle. But the gardener who designed it doesn’t want you to know his last name, since his handiwork isn’t exactly legit. It’s on a traffic island he commandeered.

“The city wasn’t doing anything with it, and I had a bunch of extra plants,” says Scott, as we tour the garden, cars whooshing by on both sides of Loynes Drive.

Scott is a guerrilla gardener, a member of a burgeoning movement of green enthusiasts who plant without approval on land that’s not theirs. In London, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and Southern California, these free-range tillers are sowing a new kind of flower power. In nighttime planting parties or solo “seed bombing” runs, they aim to turn neglected public space and vacant lots into floral or food outposts.

Village goes local in supermarket protest

admin /19 April, 2008

From The Daily Mail

The Good Life was a sitcom that inspired many a household to live off the land. And although it might not attract the likes of Margo and Jerry to move to the area, an entire village is trying its hand at the Good Life.

In a bid to become less dependent on supermarkets, the residents of Martin are working together to become as self-sufficient as possible.

village of Martin

Villagers of Martin, Hants, who have shunned supermarkets to grow their own meat and veg

The Hampshire village is now home to hundreds of real life versions of the characters played by Felicity Kendall and Richard Briers, who lived off the land in the 1970s BBC comedy.

They work on a rota system and raise their own chickens and pigs and grow potatoes, garlic, onions, chillis and green vegetables on eight acres of rented land.

Farmers in NSW going to pot

admin /12 April, 2008

BEN CUBBY – Sydney Morning Herald THE NSW Government has turned over a new leaf after decades of opposing commercial cannabis, revealing plans for a new scheme to grow the plant on an industrial scale. It will introduce legislation in weeks to allow farms to grow hemp, the fibres and oil of which can be Continue Reading →

Links to local food initiatives in the UK

admin /18 March, 2008

  UK local food initiatives Organisations & programs Allotments regeneration initiative Campaign to protect rural England DEFRA Public sector food procurement initiative DEFRA Sustainable farming and food strategy Eat the view (2000-2006 archive) Farmers Weekly food miles Federation of city farms and community gardens Food deserts Food vision Local food.org Local food Continue Reading →

Cuban food solution has Australian roots

admin /15 March, 2008

Giovanni with permaculturists Robyn and Roberto Cuban permaculturist, Roberto Perez, and star of Power of Community – the documentary film about Cuba’s transition to local, organic food production – is touring Australia at the moment. He tol The Generator on Wednesday that people from NSW Northern Rivers had played a significant role in his journey as a permaculturist.

Listen to the interview online. 

His tour of Australia to deliver the message that western countries need to prepare themselves for a significant change in the way food is grown and distributed was launched in Byron Bay last week, because of his long term connection with the area.

Local Food

admin /9 March, 2008

The topic of local food has always been close to the heart of the Generator. As the introductory song says, "It’s about the plants you grow; the energy you use. It’s about the things you give and take … from the world around you … it’s about turning ideas into action." When we first brought Continue Reading →