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Front Yard Food – [register]The Generator is proud to announce the Front Yard Food initiative. This initiative was launched in Lennox Heads by a number of landscapers, nursery’s and garden suppliers to provide materials to help people build food gardens that the community can share. Our first project was constructed by volunteers on Friday August 1, in Lennox Heads on NSW north coast. Click the picture to see more about that project.To contact us about action you may want to take in your community. Please contact Team Generator .

Other food action projects

admin /8 June, 2009

In the future, we will be working with local councils to get food projects happening on public land, to build resources in community gardens that people can take home to grow food on their own land, and to put staple foods into people’s back yards. We will start work on these projects once we have Continue Reading →

Front Yard Food

admin /8 June, 2009

This is a program to encourate people to help each other grow food. Many older people have gardens they can no longer keep up. Many people do not have enough experience to grow food successfully. By helping each other, we can create abundant food, in the community. To build momentum with this project we are Continue Reading →

Urban fruit makes most of windfall

admin /25 March, 2009

Urban Fruit or Urban Fruit Gleaning is a concept taking off all over the world. Neighbours get together to collect fruit in people’s gardens, street plantings and vacant land that would otherwise go to waste, and work together to distribute, preserve or use it in other useful ways.

The concept is being tracked on Twitter

Front Yard Food takes off

admin /9 August, 2008

The Generator’s Front Yard Food project is up and running with the first garden going into Lennox Heads in August. Ina Gooley is now the proud owner of 12 square metres of vegetable seedlings on what was once her front lawn, protected from the summer sun and salt breezes by a screen of native food Continue Reading →