7-Eleven: A sweatshop on every corner


7-Eleven: A sweatshop on every corner


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10:37 AM (27 minutes ago)

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Inga —

The widespread abuse of workers at 7-Eleven that was revealed on ABC TV’s Four Corners this week is what we’ll see on a bigger scale if Tony Abbott’s inquiry into our rights at work gets its way.

His inquiry has recommended cutting penalty rates, unfair dismissal protections and the minimum wage. It has also called for weakening the independent workplace umpire and giving employers the power to offer take it or leave it contracts.

As the 7-Eleven case demonstrates it is already far too easy for employers to rip off workers. That’s why we need stronger protections for workers, not less.

It’s time to stand up and fight back.It’s time to stand up and fight back.

The Productivity Commission will be holding public hearings about its report to Abbott on how to slash and burn your rights at work.  Join a local protest at your closest hearing.

And, if you know anyone who works at 7-Eleven, let them know that the SDA – the union for retail workers – has a 24-Seven Support hotline to provide advice and representation to workers employed by 7-Eleven. Call 131-SDA or visit http://www.24sevenhelpline.com.au/

In unity, 

Dave and Ged

Australian Unions Team


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