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Dear friends,

Last week, Rolling Stone magazine published a piece of mine that I think may be the most important writing I’ve done since The End of Nature, way back in 1989. (And no, it’s not the profile of Justin Bieber.)

Warning: it’s pretty long, and it’s not entirely cheerful. Indeed, it shows that the business plans of the fossil fuel industry will wreck the planet — that they’ve already got enough carbon in their reserves to drive the heat past anyone’s definition of okay.

Click here to read and share the piece: www.350.org/rollingstone

If you read it, you’ll get a sense of the direction that the climate movement (and 350.org) is headed.

In the United States, we’ve got iconic battles underway in every part of the country and against all forms of fossil fuel. We’re fighting the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas and in Congress, coal exports in the Pacific Northwest, mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia, and fracking all across the country. We’re pushing US politicians hard to withdraw their support for wasteful and dangerous fossil fuel subsidies, and we’re just getting started.

Across the globe, we’re holding workshops to train the next generation of climate activists. Every day we’re watching the number of energized, self-organized local groups tick up. We’re inspired by the brave organizing work being done around the world to confront the fossil fuel industry, from Borneo to Kosovo. And we’re excited about what’s to come.

All this is beginning to coalesce into a true movement against the heart of this most dangerous industry. I’m awfully glad you’re a part of it, and I hope you’re managing to stay cool and safe.

On we go,

Bill McKibben for the crew at 350.org

P.S. And if you have reactions to and thoughts about that Rolling Stone piece please send them in to “thoughts@350.org“. The analysis — the math — that’s in there is going to form the basis of a lot of our work going forward, and it would be useful to hear how it strikes you.

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