Wealth of corporations outstrips nations

20 September, 2016 General news0
Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, waves a dollar in defiance of a corporate donations scandal
Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, waves a dollar in defiance of a corporate donations scandal

The company Walmart is wealthier than Australia. Of the hundred wealthiest entities in the world, 69 are corporations and only 31 are countries.

The top ten largest countries are worth 2.9 trillion US dollars, more than the size of China’s economy. Coorporate wealth is increasing rapidly. while that of nations is declining.

The impact is apparent in situations such as the recent investigation in corruption in Wisconson that has controversially been shut down by the Wisonsin Supreme Court which ordered that all the evidence be destroyed.

A small parcel of evidence was recently released revealing revealed huge donations of more than $750,000 to directly influence policy.

Donald Trump has widely criticised donations but the Wisconson investigation revealed that he had donated $15,000 to governor Scott Walker’s campaign.

Largest Corporations Wealthier Than Most Countries

‘The power of corporations is so great within our society that they have undermined the idea that there is any other way to run society. Of the 100 wealthiest economic entities in the world, 69 are now corporations and only 31 countries, The figures were 63 to 37 just one year ago. The top ten largest companies have a combined value of $2.9 trillion, which is larger than China’s economy. Walmart is larger than our Australian economy.


Leaked documents reveal secretive influence of corporate cash on politics

Wisconsin court documents from Scott Walker investigation expose extent of corporate influence on democratic process rarely seen by the public in which millions of dollars are secretly donated in an attempt to sway elections. They speak to the distortion of American democracy by big business that has been slammed by both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.



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