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Why penalty rates are important


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Why is everyone talking about penalty rates?
Penalty rates are increased rates of pay for working overtime or
unsociable hours.
Life is busy, and weekends are important for Australian workers.
Penalty rates compensate people for the time they miss out on spending
with their families when they have to work on the weekend.There are up to 4.5 million workers who rely on penalty rates.
Workers like police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, retail
workers, hospitality workers, workers in manufacturing, in tourism and
many other sectors.
So what's the issue?
The Liberal Government wants to cut penalty rates. The argument
is that cafes and shops are closed because penalty rates are too high.
But there is almost no evidence to support this.
Labor doesn't think it's fair to cut the wages of some of
Australia's lowest paid workers.
People that rely on penalty rates use the money to pay the bills
and raise their children.
We need to stand together and protect those in our community who
will be badly impacted if their penalty rates are cut.
What do you think? If you agree that low paid workers shouldn't
be taking a pay cut, add your name here to call on Malcolm Turnbull
not to cut penalty rates.
Click here: I believe in penalty rates

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