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Neville —

This Saturday, the voters in Canning have a chance to send Tony Abbott and the Liberals a message. We need him to hear very clearly that we don’t like what he’s doing to our country. Right now volunteer and organisers in Canning are putting in a huge effort to persuade undecided voters.

Can you give them a hand? Tomorrow Tuesday 15 September we’re running another National Phone Banking Night. All across the country people will be making phone calls to voters in Canning to help our local candidate Matt Keogh.

Can you show your support for sending Tony Abbott a message? 

Click here to sign up in Perth.
Click here to sign up in Sydney.
Click here to sign up in Melbourne.
Click here to sign up in Brisbane.
Click here to sign up in Hobart.
Click here to sign up in Darwin.
Click here to sign up in Canberra.
Email to sign up in Adelaide.

Come along and join 100s of other supporters across the country who will be working to send Tony Abbott a message. If you haven’t made these kinds of calls before – don’t worry, we’ll have people there who can help you out.

Thanks for your support,

George Wright
National Campaign Director

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