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Love, actually.    World Wildlife Australia

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Love, actually.


Dermot O’Gorman, WWF-Australia via 

2:37 PM (28 minutes ago)

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Under water coral, Great Barrier Reef  © Troy Mayne


It’s been a huge year for the Great Barrier Reef, and next year is going to be even bigger.  But as Christmas approaches, we (and Nemo) wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all that you’ve done for the Reef this year.

We hope you like this little video message we’ve put togetherActually, we hope you love it:

Nemo Christmas Video

Merry Christmas!

Dermot, Cristel, Gilly, Louise, Richard, Owen, Kate, Mark, Phil & the whole WWF-Australia team

(P.S. If the video is a little perplexing – this might add some context:

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