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22 October, 2014 General news0
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Daily update: Wind power is more reliable than gas – and cheaper, too


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The myth that renewables are too unreliable to meet baseload electricity demand is now busted – gas, on the other hand… Plus: Large-scale solar in the gun as Abbott govt reveals RET stance; why whole towns will want to take themselves off-grid; How Victoria could go solar, save millions and boost jobs; Graph of the Day – the rise and rise of distributed solar; Trans-Pacific partnership threatens green trade deal; 167 Teslas for Amsterdam airport; and a quantum leap in solar technology.
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The Parkinson Report
As Australia’s dance of the seven RET Reviews continues, it seems like a good time to revisit one of the more persistent anti-renewables myths bandied about by fossil fuel types (and most of the Abbott government): that that renewable energy is unreliable in meeting electricity demand.
Abbott government says no changes to household solar, but wants large scale renewables target slashed by two thirds. So much for ditching the Warburton Review.
Going off-grid will help towns boost jobs, increase reliability of their energy supply, and lower costs. What’s to lose?
CEC report says Victoria could easily adjust solar and energy efficiency policy to save hundreds of millions in costs, boost jobs and cut emissions.
Want proof distributed solar is booming?  Two charts show how it provided over 25% of new US power plant capacity in 2013 and 43% in first half 2014.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens green trade deal that could ultimately do more to reduce carbon emissions than international climate agreements.
Amsterdam’s main Schiphol airport has enlisted the aid of 167 Tesla Model S taxi cabs as part of its bid to be among the greenest in the world.
Micro inverters and smart energy management systems are taking solar into off grid systems, camper vans and pretty much anywhere else you want power.

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