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2 mins to keep 267 people safe #LetThemStay


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Take action before they’re deported
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Amnesty International
Stop Turnbull from sending the 267 people seeking asylum back to Nauru
Last night Australia witnessed an outpouring of compassion…
we need you to join us!
Tens of thousands of people came together to urge Prime Minister Turnbull to keep kids and their families safe, instead of forcibly deporting them to Nauru.

Offshore detention is causing already vulnerable people serious physical and emotional trauma. Our community has had enough.

The groundswell of community support continues to grow with State Premiers across the nation showing their leadership and saying to the Prime Minister loud and clear – #LetThemStay.

It’s now your turn to take action.

Some of the 267 people at risk of deportation are suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. Paediatricians have said that these kids facing detention are “among the most traumatised” they had ever seen.

Unless we stand alongside them, our government could start deporting these kids and families within days.

Join the tens of thousands of compassionate people across the country and urge our Prime Minister to keep these vulnerable men, women and children safe.



PS. Last September we witnessed people power at work when we successfully called on our government to open their arms to 12,000 Syrian people running for their lives. We can urge them to do the right thing again. Please take action to #LetThemStay.

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