100,000 people against $100,000 degrees

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100,000 people against $100,000 degrees


Bill Shorten via sendgrid.info 

11:05 AM (13 minutes ago)

to me

Hi Neville,

You’re a part of something really big.

Along with 98,016 others, you’ve signed our petition to tell Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne not to rip $5.8 billion from our universities.

Thank you.

We want to present our petition to Christopher Pyne and to the Parliament before the legislation is debated again in the Senate. Together we can show that Australians will not stand for the Americanisation of our universities and $100,000 degrees.

But before we do that there’s something simple you can do to double your impact.

You’ve received this email because you’ve signed our petition. If everyone who’s signed sends the petition to just 2 people who haven’t signed, we can make this the biggest online petition ever presented to Parliament. This will send a powerful message to the Abbott Government: their plan for university fees is unfair, and we will not stand for it. 

Will you forward this email and nodebtsentence.org to just two of your friends? Click here to forward the email today.

They can then sign the petition at www.nodebtsentence.org.

If we all join together and do our part, we can send the strongest signal yet that Australians reject Abbott and Pyne’s unfair plan for universities fees.

We will not stand idly by while the Abbott Government puts the dream of a university education out of reach.  

Together we have a real chance to protect university students from a debt sentence.

Thank you,
Bill Shorten

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