EcoRadio introduces YLYP

Geoff Ebbs /12 November, 2020

The forthcoming book, Your Life Your Planet, deals with sustainability in the home, looking at it through the lens of degrowth and systemic change. It will be launched by Australian Geographic in February 2021. The experts who provided the background for the book were interviewed by Geoff Ebbs on EcoRadio over the course of 2020. Continue Reading →

CoViD 19 as Our Crystal Ball

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed Bewildered climate activists flood my feed. The essential question is ‘Why CoViD19 and not Global Heating?’ The response we have seen over the last months and weeks is the sort of response we have been waiting for since the turn of the millennium. This Continue Reading →

Rupert gets a Papal Knighthood

Breaking the media model

Geoff Ebbs /20 June, 2020

The demise of regional newspapers in Australia is the latest reminder that the business model of media has been broken by the Internet. Funneling tax-payer dollars from the ABC into regional print may not be the most intelligent response, however. There is a widely held and often expressed assumption that independent journalism has flourished under Continue Reading →

Cairo Tiling with no math

Geoff Ebbs /15 June, 2020

Got a ruler, a pencil and a piece of paper? You have everything you need to delve into the fascinating world of tessellation with pentagons. Cairo Tiling is a fascinating pattern named after some street pavers in the Egyptian city and part of a fascinating set of space-filling Pentagons that has been the subject of Continue Reading →