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Volcanoes keep erupting
Mt. Etna in Sicily, which erupted for the third time this year, rarely causes damage. In Hawaii, though, Kilauea is consuming the town of Royal Gardens. NBC’s Lester Holt has more.
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Etna has its Third Major Eruption of 2012
Wired News
The Italian volcano had its third paroxysm of 2012 (see above) on March 4 and first since early February. This new eruption was a short event that was preceded by 18 days worth of small strombolian activity. The event may have been only ~2 hours,
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The Exley Showcases Undergraduate Research, Arts
University of Texas at Dallas (press release)
Student-led research on social media, volcanoes, and plant extracts, as well as poetry and photography, are all part of an ambitious project spearheaded by the Office of Undergraduate Education at UT Dallas. Each of the stories and articles will be
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University of Texas at Dallas (press release)


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