Expedition to study methane gas bubbling out of the Arctic seafloor

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Expedition to study methane gas bubbling out of the Arctic seafloor
The black rectangle on this map shows the general region where Paull and his collaborators have been studying methane releases in the Beaufort Sea. The smaller red rectangle indicates the edge of the continental shelf and continental slope where they
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Methane boss to explain Somerset drilling plan
This is Somerset
The process of methane extraction has similarities to “fracking” in which gas is released by pumping high pressure water into rocks to create passages through which gas can pass. Frack Free Somerset, a coalition of concerned groups, has called a
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Gas Outlets Are No New Phenomenon Off The Coast Of Spitsbergen
Marine scientists from Kiel, together with colleagues from Bremen, Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway, spent four and a half weeks examining methane emanation from the sea bed off the coast of Spitsbergen with the German research vessel MARIA S.
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When people explode during colonoscopies
In the process, these bacteria generate a variety of gases, including carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane, to name a few. Some of these gasses are odorless. Others, (particularly ones containing sulfur), are not. Two of them
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Infrastructure: Mission to transform lives
Financial Times
The big ticket projects in energy and transport that are also under way could be transformative, particularly if methane gas production combines with hydro and thermal power to quadruple electricity output from the current 110 MW and reduce costs. As
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Methane Making An Appearance In Pa. Water Supplies
North Country Public Radio
Aug 28, 2012 (Morning Edition) — Water wells and streams in Leroy Township, Pa., have been bubbling up with methane gas in the past few months. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection blames nearby natural gas fracking operations. A local
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Methane Power – Green Tech
This was a very surprising story. A piggery is using the manure to produce power, nothing new, but the figures amazed.Turned a $15k/month electricity bill into.


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