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Direct to campus


Bill Shorten via 

4:33 PM (36 minutes ago)

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No Australian receiving an offer of a uni place this week should need to ask themselves can I afford to accept it?

But that’s the Australia Tony Abbott and his Government are trying to create.

Under the Liberals’ plan, students stepping onto campus for the first time will be saddled with crippling debt they will struggle with for life. We already see it in the US.

These students need to know the truth about what’s in store for them — right now, their only information is the Abbott Government’s multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded ads designed to fool them.

When they hit campus for Orientation week next month, they need to know what’s at stake: that’s why we’re planning to launch an information offensive. Click here to help us do it:


We’ve got posters designed, volunteers on hand, and a plan to make sure these students know about $100,000 degrees. We just need your help to make it happen.

Your donation will help coat uni campuses in the truth about Tony Abbott’s plan to Americanise our unis with $100,000 degrees — chip in to take a stand against it. 

I want to see a country where getting a place at uni is based on merit, not your parents’ bank balance.

This Orientation Week is a unique opportunity to help get the word to new students and keep Australia fair.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


PS — Next month new uni students will hit campuses for the first time. Unless we want them saddled with $100,000 US-style debt, we need to get out there with a massive information campaign. Click here to help pay for posters our volunteers will put up across the country.

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